Gathering of Leaders

ECF and Gathering of Leaders (GOL) are in a collaborative partnership through which each organization brings hope-filled, positive change to the Episcopal Church and its leaders, while benefiting from the skills and resources of the other.

In collaboration with the Episcopal Church Foundation, GOL has added two new networks of leaders to its ministry offerings: Lay Leaders and Bivocational Clergy.

Lay Leader Network:

In the fall of 2022, Gathering of Leaders and ECF began an unprecedented opportunity to lay leaders in the church, hosting the first-ever Gathering geared specifically toward Lay Leaders.

Donald Romanik, President of the Episcopal Church Foundation said, “The first lay gathering was truly amazing. Participants were enthusiastic, engaged, and hopeful about the future of the church. I know that these committed lay leaders went back to their local ministries renewed and refreshed. ECF is so proud and pleased to partner with GOL on this exciting pilot. I look forward to future lay gatherings and other collaborative opportunities.”

The next Lay Leader Gathering is taking place in June 2023. Interested individuals may contact Haley Bankey.

Bivocational Clergy Network:

More and more congregations are embracing bivocational leadership as a path to fulfill God’s call for them. The clergy gathered at the first bivocational Gathering emanated hope for the new ways the church can be relevant, much of that beginning with their obedience to a call to ministry despite a deep commitment to existing vocations in their lives.

Haley Bankey, Executive Director of The Gathering of Leaders said, “Convening this group of exceptional, spirit-filled, and yet under-resourced leaders exemplified how vibrant, hopeful communities of faith can thrive under non-traditional models.”

The next Bivocational Gathering is taking place in September 2023. Interested individuals may contact Haley Bankey.

Other Collaborations:

GOL Participants share articles, resources, and strategies with the wider church through ECF’s Vestry Papers and other publications. Many GOL leaders also serve on curriculum design teams for ECF’s core programming. The GOL network has also served as a research pool for upcoming ECF initiatives and programs, using feedback and responses from the hope-filled, innovative clergy leaders to improve design, impact, and efficacy of future work at and through ECF.

Director for Partnerships & Program Innovation