Purpose, Mission & Vision

ECF is an independent, lay-led and inclusive organization that helps build, vitalize and transform Episcopal faith communities focusing on formation, finance and resources. Our programs inspire and nurture church leaders, help raise and manage financial assets and provide high-quality and innovative resources and ideas to implement throughout the church.

To offer contemporary solutions to a Resurrection-focused Episcopal Church through collaboration, convening, problem solving and experimentation.
To lead Episcopal faith communities into the future as a partner for transforming ministries.
Vital, inclusive, and sustainable faith communities that create steadfast followers of Jesus.

Who We Are

We serve the Episcopal Church with an understanding, openness and joy rooted in Jesus, nurtured by our tradition, and focused on the future.
We celebrate and empower the wise and compassionate ministry of the laity, the vital heart of the church.
We are an independently governed and funded organization that brings together people, ideas, and resources from all parts of the church.
We are anti-racist and committed to racial justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

What We Do

We enthusiastically learn, share, and grow with others in community.
We guide and amplify the witness of diverse voices throughout the church.
We inspire innovation and advance fresh ideas, sound practices, and useful resources.
We offer expertise and guidance to faith communities and their leaders.

How We Do it

We encourage creativity, imagination, and innovation with energy, enthusiasm, and a spirit of service.
We ground our efforts in knowledge, data, and expertise as we strive for continual improvement in all that we do.
We seek partners and collaborators to maximize our impact and outreach.
We adapt as we learn with a sense of honesty, humility, good humor, and hope.

What We Stand For

Inclusive Leadership
ECF will elevate laypersons as full partners with clergy to inspire deep engagement and broad participation.
Expansive Community
ECF will nurture communities inspired by the teachings of Jesus that reach beyond formal church structures to fully engage the faithful.
Racial Justice
ECF will prioritize racial justice in every aspect of our ministry and strive to become a diverse and anti-racist organization.
Creation Care
ECF will honor our responsibility as caretakers of God’s creation to address environmental racism and the climate change emergency.

Core Values

  • Innovation
  • Transformation
  • Discipleship
  • Partnership
  • Independence


  • New, innovative and mission-based ways to be the Episcopal Church of the future
  • Equipped and empowered lay and clergy leaders partnering to bring about transformation, renewal and positive change
  • Vital Episcopal communities of faith
  • Relevant and meaningful opportunities to live out Christian stewardship and effectively raise financial resources for ministry